Admission Arrangements

Mabel Prichard School                               Admissions Policy

The school

Mabel Prichard School is an Oxfordshire Local Authority maintained special school for children aged 2 - 19 years with severe, profound and multiple learning  difficulties.  The school is situated in Blackbird Leys (primary site) and Littlemore (secondary site) on the southern edge of the City of Oxford. The Primary site includes an integrated foundation stage unit, a key stage one class and three key stage two classes and shares a site with The Leys Academy. The secondary site consists of two key stage three classes, one key stage four class and one post 16 class and is based at The Oxford Academy.

Statutory background  (taken from D.F.E. Circular 3/94)

“Admission arrangements in special schools do not conform to the open enrolment procedures which apply to mainstream schools and it is the expectation of the Secretary of State that the overwhelming majority of pupils in maintained special schools will have a statement of special educational needs”.

Procedure for admission

The LA is the admissions officer for the school. All children must have a statement of Special Sducational Needs to attend a Special School

Via the Local Authority:

  • Children are referred to the Local Authority either by a mainstream school’s SENCO or via an Early Years Special Educational Need Teacher (EYSENT) for children under five years of age
  • Individual cases are then  discussed at the LA’s Resources Panel
  • If the pupil meets the LA criteria for admission to a special school the Resources Panel contacts the school directly

Via the school:

  • If the school has a vacancy according to their planned place capacity and a vacancy at the referred child’s age group a place is offered to the pupil
  • If the school is full the pupil is offered an alternative special school or thay can wait for a place at their preferred choice of school
  • LA transport is offered to parents who live outside 2.2 miles or have exceptional circumstances e.g. wheelchair user


The LA's current (2017/18) number of Planned Places for the school is 101. Planned places are agreed annually between the Headteacher and the SEN lead Officer

Reviewed September 2018