Welcome to Mabel Prichard School. We are a community special school for children and young people with complex needs from the ages of 2 to 19. 

At Mabel Prichard School, we believe in enabling every student to discover who they are and to realise their full potential. Our curriculum offers a broad range of opportunities to face challenge; develop independence; prepare for adulthood; discover the world; be safe and develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead a happy, positive and fulfilled life. 
Through our strong caring ethos, we support students to respect their whole community, regardless of background, race, gender, faith and disability and to celebrate diversity, so they are able to develop skills of empathy and tolerance in their life ahead. 

We believe education plays a pivotal role in developing as individuals, alongside the vital input from families and other professionals whom we enjoy working closely with. The purpose of the school is to create opportunities through education for each student to value themselves and each other; develop confidence; communicate their thoughts and ideas and to enjoy discovering their strengths to take forward in their life ahead. 

Please telephone us on 01865777878 and come and visit us for further information and a true sense of our school. 

What we offer

Our students are aged between 2 and 19 and have a variety of profound learning and physical difficulties. They benefit from a multi-disciplinary team of specialist therapists, who visit the site once a week, including a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, as well as a special school nurse. In addition, we work closely with our partners in social care, LDCAMHs and SENSS.

Our children and young people take advantage of our excellent facilities, including a jacuzzi on each site, as well as cooking and art rooms that allow them to be innovative, experimental and creative. Preparation for Adulthood sits at the heart of our curriculum from the earliest years in the school and we follow the Equals Pre-formal, Informal and semi-formal curriculums to support this. We also offer CHOICES one afternoon a week across the school to offer opportunities for our students to develop skills of Collaboration, to develop Holistically, to embrace Opportunity, to develop Independence and Communication, to Explore and to Sustain their development into adulthood.

We work as a partnership with parents and carers to ensure we understand our students’ current needs in and outside of school, and to share information and wow moments through our online communication tool Class Dojo and through regular reporting of Learning Journeys throughout the year.

Our Partners

We are proud to be members of The Gallery Trust, the largest special school Trust in Oxfordshire. Our students benefit from our trust wide facilities and events, and our practice is constantly reviewed and improved as a result of our professional development support within the trust.

Each site is co located with mainstream academies, offering partnership opportunities. Our primary site is linked to Orchard Meadow Primary School and our secondary site is linked to The Oxford Academy

We highly value our parent partnerships and work closely with families through Class Dojo, a family Facebook page Mabel at Home and a strong parent/carer network, Friends of Mabel Prichard (FoMP). The group meet weekly to support each other and organise events to support the school. They also have a WhatsApp group offering support and information to each other. Please speak to a member of our admin team who can support you with connecting to the WhatsApp group.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange a visit or to find out more about our school:


01865 777878

We are happy to provide paper copies of the information published on our website.  Please contact a member of the admin team on the telephone number above.