Key Stage 2


Purple Class, Red Class and Green Class
Key Stage 2 children are aged 7 to 11. We have a topic based curriculum.

  • We pride ourselves on our friendly, caring environment in which children feel secure both physically and emotionally and where they are encouraged to be confident, independent learners.
  • We deliver a rich and varied curriculum which encourages independence and motivates and challenges children to fulfil their potential.
  • We provide a happy, safe, stimulating and interesting environment inside and outside that supports children’s development in all areas.
  • Parent Partnership – We work in partnership with parents and carers to support your child’s development and enable you to feel fully involved in your child’s learning / next steps. All parents are invited to Education, Health and Care Plan reviews and we hold a parents’ evening in the year. We report progress towards EHCP outcomes throughout the year using learning outcome grids.
  • Outside agencies – We work very closely with other agencies, such as Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists to ensure that every child is fully supported in all areas of their development.
  • Inclusion – We offer an inclusive KS2, where children are encouraged and supported to play alongside their peers in Orchard Meadow classes. We also go to Oxford Academy for PE lessons.
  • Learning Activities: We have daily maths and English lessons including number, calculation, shape, space and measure, communication, phonics, story-telling and writing.
  • We learn about how things work, grow and change through science;
  • We learn life skills through shopping, cooking, hygiene and being out in the community
  • We learn to work as a team, enjoy being active and share and cooperate through PE, which includes yoga. We also all go swimming once a week.
  • Music helps us learn about rhythm, team work, turn taking, singing, listening and following cues.
  • History and Geography help us learn about the world around us, the stories from the past and how different people live.
  • Art and drama help us develop our communication, explore different ideas and learn about our topics. Some pupils attend the Art Room Project next door to further develop social and communication skills.