Special School Nurse

We have two special school nurses who support the school and work across 4 days. They support in clinics, provide training and conduct health assessments. Please use the school number to contact them.

Helen Beard - Senior Special School Nurse
Angela Richards - Special School Nurse


Our therapists are in once a week to monitor therapeutic input and provide training to staff. They can also be contacted through the school number.


Jaro Semeniuk (in on Wednesdays)
Emma Lockhart (in on Wednesdays)

Occupational Therapy

Tracy Pederson (in on Wednesdays)
Susan Eismann (in on Wednesdays)

Speech and Language therapy

Helen Walker (every other Monday and Every Friday)

The Art Room

Art Therapy through The Art Room Working in schools, The Art Room transforms lives. Using art as a therapeutic vehicle, we help children and young people who are facing emotional difficulties to thrive.

Hill End

We take all KS1 pupils to Hill End for Forest School Outdoor learning & forest school over 65 acres.

TRAX - The Oxfordshire Motor Project | Schools

KS4 go to Trax for a horticulture accreditation TRAX works to engage young people who are interested in mechanics; they offer a variety of mechanics based programmes along with Catering and Hospitality.

FarmAbility – Farm Inspiration Trust

KS5 students go to Farmability to support their preparation for adulthood FarmAbility is an outdoor, farm-based programme for people with learning disabilities and autism. These are FarmAbility co-farmers.. The FarmAbility programme combines the rich ingredients of the farming environment (nature, animals, and purposeful activities)

We also have strong partnerships with the local schools we join to. Nursery children regularly integrate with Orchard Meadow nursery children and KS1 and KS2 integrate with local primary schools benefitting from both lessons and social activities.

Our secondary students integrate with the Oxford Academy and have lunch in their canteen every day, as well as joining lessons where relevant.