Accessibility plan 2017-20

Area for DevelopmentActionCompletion DateDate AchievedFurther action required
To ensure all stakeholders contribute to EHCP reviewsAssign member of administration team to lead on EHCPs, ensuring all parties are given adequate notice and are chased to contribute/attend.September 2018September 2018Continue to work with partner agencies to ensure systems enable adequate time to have reports ready.
To ensure curriculum planning relates to EHCP outcomesTo review the use of assessment tools such as B squared and IEPs to ensure outcomes from EHCPs are broken into steps and reviewed 3 times a year ensuring progress is made towards the overall outcome.September 2018September 2018Tighten assessment process to ensure it is fully in line with new curriculum (see development plan 2019-21)
Ensure all students are integrated into the local community with the knowledge and the skills to be safe and to develop holistically as a result.Pilot Safer Together adapted materials with TVP and social care. Ensure sporting, music, drama, art and other cultural opportunities are offered to our students as well as mainstream students.September 2019September 2019Develop Mabel Prichard charter outlining student entitlement.
Physical environment
Area for DevelopmentActionCompletion DateDate AchievedFurther action required
To improve access around the primary site for wheelchair users and those with difficulties walking.To investigate and install ramps on the stairs areas.September 2020on-goingFunding sources need to be sought.
To increase capacity on secondary siteTo investigate possibility of 3 rd key stage 3 class and to look at a more appropriate rotating timetabled model in post 16.September 2018September 2018Continue to respond annually to the changing cohorts of the school and match curriculum to the relevant stages.
To ensure adequately sized equipment for mobilityTo provide an appropriately sized walkers and standing framesSeptember 2018On-goingContinue to seek good quality used products. Continue to seek and use grant sources.
Access to information
Area for DevelopmentActionCompletion DateDate AchievedFurther action required
Pupils voiceHLTA to lead School Councils per long termOn-goingOn-going
Pupil voiceTo train staff on communication strategies and ensure all pupils have access to strategies appropriate to them that are regularly reviewed.January 2019On-goingDevelop whole school communication environment from audit carried out.
Careers and employmentSchool to network with local employers in providing exciting work experience opportunitiesOn-goingOn-goingForm partnerships with local colleges, charities and providers of work related learning.
Improve parent involvement Move to App and email communication system for parents

Start weekly newsletter

Offer more opportunities for parents to come into school

Set up Friends of Mabel Prichard

September 2018September 2018Review chosen app in September 2020 when contract runs out.
Improve Parental access to governorsImprove governors information page on website with pictures, roles and biogs

Post FGB minutes
September 2018On-goingFGB minutes still to be published
Governors to contribute to newsletters.Governors to contribute more to newsletters.