Accessibility plan 2017-20


Area for Development Action Completion Date Date Achieved Further action required
To ensure all stakeholders contribute to EHCP reviews Assigned member of the admin team to continue to work with partners to overcome barriers to submitting reports. September 2023 Continue to work with partner agencies to ensure systems enable adequate time to have reports ready.
To ensure curriculum planning relates to EHCP outcomes EHCP outcomes do not form the basis of school assessment. Teachers, MLT and SLT to review MTP and LTP 3 times a year to ensure the curriculum is broad, balanced and fit for purpose. On-going
Ensure all students are integrated into the local community with the knowledge and the skills to be safe and to develop holistically as a result. Continue to develop ‘Safer Together’ materials for students with SEND from the pilot. Continue to develop the RSHE materials for students with SEND in partnership with other schools and LA.

Achieve ArtsMark

Review Sep 21 Develop student charter


Physical environment

Area for Development Action Completion Date Date Achieved Further action required
To improve access around the primary site for wheelchair users and those with difficulties walking. To investigate and install ramps on the stairs areas. on-going Funding sources need to be sought.
To ensure adequately sized equipment for mobility To provide appropriately sized walkers and standing frames on-going On-going Continue to seek good quality used products. Continue to seek and use grant sources.
Ensure environment supports access to learning and meets the needs of our learners Train staff in ‘cognitive load’ and adapt the environment accordingly.

Adapt the primary quad area to create a fully accessible and relevant learning space

Refurbish the library so all learners are encouraged and enabled to access its resources.

Review Sep 21


Access to information

Area for Development Action Completion Date Date Achieved Further action required
Student voice HLTA to lead School Council on each site every half term On-going On-going
Student Voice To train staff on communication strategies and ensure all pupils have access to strategies appropriate to them that are regularly reviewed.

Create whole school communication environment

Review Sep 21 on-going Carry out whole school communication audit.
Careers and employment School to network with local employers in providing exciting work experience opportunities Review Sep 21 Form partnerships with local colleges, charities and providers of work related learning.
Continue to develop parent involvement  Move diaries to ‘Class Dojo’ to improve the speed and reliability of daily feedback. Review Sep 21
Improve Parental access to governors Improve governors information page on the website with pictures, roles and biogs. 

Governors to contribute to newsletters.

Review Sep 21